10 Movie Happy Endings That Ignored One Devastating Thing

So, why'd you do nothing about the Nazis, Diana?

Wonder Woman Hitler
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You should never believe a happy ending without committing to SOME sort of scrutiny. Some of the seemingly most satisfying happy endings - Truman escaping his reality show prison, Harry marrying Sally, Doc Brown not being killed by Libyans - all come with nasty stings in their tail if you follow the logic far enough.

While Hollywood's script-writers like to add this sweet little full-stops on movies, it's usually the work they put in before that point that undoes them. No matter how hard you try, you can't just forget the established human nature of the characters simply because "they all lived happily ever after" and it seems that some writers are simply intent on making us all ignore the glaring distractions from those happy endings.

But, you can't fool all of us and it's very obvious that not everyone emerges from the happy endings we accept on face value to live lives full of joy and light...

10. The Other Girl - Taken

Taken Amanda

The Happy Ending

Having been the bear that was idiotically poked, Bryan Mills gets to show off his certain set of skills, infiltrates a sex slave auction and rescues his daughter from the filthy paws of her would-be Arab buyer and her "seller" Patrice Saint-Clair. He kills lots of people, because that's what he does and the family enjoys a happy reunion in America.

Then Holly Valance turns up to cement the happy ending.

But Wait...

What about the other girl, Amanda, who was abducted with Kim and who Bryan finds dead in the safe house full of drugged captive girls? Leaving the other potential sex slave girls is one thing (since he can't take down the ENTIRE system himself), but somewhere, while the Mills are enjoying their reunion, Amanda's family aren't even informed on camera about their tragic daughter.

Hell, even Kim seems to get over her best friend's death pretty quickly, thanks to getting to visit Holly Valance. But hey, Amanda wasn't a virgin, so maybe it's ok for her to die as a morality tale or something?!

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