10 Movie Jacks You Need In A Crisis

Why are all the coolest film characters named Jack?

It has become one of the most popular name for parents to give to boys in recent years and a large amount of the reason for that is that scriptwriters got there first. Yes, the increased abundance of Jacks in the real world is a direct result of it being the most popular film name that suggests heroism. Jacks are adventurers that can sweep in and save the day, but are equally mavericks as ready with a flippant quip or moment of roguish charm as they are to defeat the bad guy and rescue the girl. In short, they're the characters we love because they're heroic but unpredictable. With Jack Bauer back on our screens using his torture first ask questions later attitude to terrorist bashing crisis resolution, we've taken the opportunity to compile this team of the big screen Jacks we would want by our side in a crisis. If Jacks Napier, Torrance, and ...the Ripper got together to form a League of Evil Jacks, like the one in Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book, this is the crew you would want around to stop them.

Honourable Mention

For the sake of ease of selection, this list has focused on movie character Jacks. Like Jack Bauer, though, there are plenty of small screen Jacks who could equally add something valuable to the team if called on to do so. Lost's troubled surgeon turned castaway leader Jack Shephard and Doctor Who/Torchwood's randy pansexual immortal alien Jack Harkness would both have something to offer Team Jack if the focus spread to TV characters as well. But let's get on with the great movie Jacks. Click "next" below to begin the countdown...

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