10 Movie Mad Dogs Who Made Us Love Them

joker Who doesn't love a mad dog? Those crazy sons of guns whose antics go above and beyond the call of sanity. Throughout the last 60 or so years of cinema, the movie mad dog has been a staple of some of the best films to come out of Hollywood. From Robert Mitchum's Max Cady in Cape Fear to Mel Gibson's Riggs in Lethal Weapon and beyond, some of our favourite characters of all-time are mad dogs. From jumping out a moving vehicles to running across a glass covered floor with no shoes on, we can't wait to see what these head-cases are going to do next! To celebrate these cinematic crazies, ere's an absolutely non-comprehensive run down of our 10 favourite mad dogs.

10. Martin Riggs - Mel Gibson - Lethal Weapon

Riggs is a man with nothing to lose, basically because he lost it all already when his wife was killed in a car crash. The deep-seated sense of guilt that he feels for not having been there has warped his mind to the point where he doesn't care about living or dying. This is obviously sad and terrible. But on the plus side it gives us one of cinemas most iconic mad dogs right off the bat with a good back story which really makes us sympathize with the character. His semi-suicidal despondency gives us some awesome and comedic action moments and gives him a massive edge on his rivals, often with explosive consequences.

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