10 Movie Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch Same Way After This

6. The Worm Aliens Are Speaking Jabba The Hutt's Language - Men In Black

Galaxy Quest Sigourney Weaver

There are too many wonderful alien creations in the original Men in Black to pick a single favourite, though who doesn't love those little humanoid worm guy-things hanging out in the break room when K (Tommy Lee Jones) is showing J (Will Smith) around the MiB HQ?

While we hear the aliens speaking both English to K and their own alien language to each other, if you listen extra closely you might notice they're actually speaking a familiar tongue.

When K opens the door, we can hear one of them say "wanga!," which is part of a greeting in the Huttese language spoken by Jabba the Hutt and his kind in the Star Wars franchise.

Though it hardly means Men in Black and Star Wars officially exist in the same universe, it's still fun to consider the possibility that these coffee-chugging, chain-smoking little guys are distant relatives of Jabba...somehow.

This ties into another more noticeable gag in the movie, where George Lucas appears briefly on one of the video screens in MiB HQ, confirming him to be an alien. Genius.


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