10 Movie Moments That Literally Made You Want To Puke

Chilled monkey brains; spaghetti in the bath; the entirety of The Human Centipede - get the freakin' bucket!

Many, many years ago, a Greek scholar by the name of Aristotle theorised that the key motivation behind drama was to initiate a cathartic release of emotions in the audience. Some contemporary cinema directors have adapted this early format somewhat, replacing the release of emotion with the evacuation of... well, "puke." More than any other artistic medium, movies have the ability to make us react to something so intensely that we are forced to gag - it doesn't help any that the watching of films is often accompanied by the scoffing of popcorn and the gorging on unnecessarily cheesy nachos... These vomit-inducing moments can come in many varied forms: a horror flick may show something that's a bit too disgustingly gory, while at the other end of the cinematic spectrum a comedy may descend into gross-out levels of crudity in order to help you get your puke on. Over the years there have been hundreds of memorable movie moments that had us on the verge of running to the toilet; here are 10 of the "best" (for lack of a better word)...

Hailing from South East London, Sam Heard is an aspiring writer and recent graduate from the University of Warwick. Sam's favourite things include energy drinks, late nights spent watching the UFC with his girlfriend and annihilating his friends at FIFA.