10 Movie Moments More Terrifying When You Know The Truth

It turns out that making movies can actually be quite terrifying from time to time. Who knew?

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It is easy to find yourself struggling to properly connect to certain moments of stunning action or life-threatening peril on the big-screen in more recent times.

The fact the vast majority of modern larger than life set-pieces and gripping battles to the death are largely dependant on pretty convincing CGI wizardry is partly to blame, admittedly.

But even when certain stunts are nailed for realsies by utterly brilliant stunt performers or absolutely insane actors, many still aren't quick to fully comprehend just how difficult, dangerous, and downright frightening it must've been trying to genuinely execute certain action sequences.

Well, no more!

Because this list is going out of its way to shed some much needed light on those cinematic beats of brilliance that were far scarier and stressful than you may have initially imagined whilst obliviously scoffing your popcorn in a comfy theatre chair.

So, from leading Protagonists conquering crippling fears in their bids to deliver the legit goods, to actors staring death in the face whilst trying to get a thrilling shot in the can, these jaw-dropping and sometimes petrifying behind-the-scenes tales will change the way you look at the following scenes forever.

10. John David Washington Actually Had A Big Fear Of Heights Before That Jumping Scene - Tenet

Henry Cavill
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Christopher Nolan isn't one to lean on the tool of CGI wherever possible. He's fond of quite the opposite, as it goes. And The Dark Knight trilogy helmer was at it once again when bringing his most recent epic of Tenet to the big-screen... unfortunately for his leading man.

That's because John David Washington isn't the biggest fan of heights. And this was something the star of the 2020 monster had to come to terms with on the day that involved him filming a sequence involving his Protagonist jumping off a balcony in Mumbai.

Now it's not as though Washington is the first to face this pretty common fear head on. However, most folks aren't forced to come to terms with this often crippling fear with an entire film crew staring at them and a camera rolling.

Luckily, Washington was eventually able to execute the no-doubt petrifying jump and actually enjoyed shooting the sequence after finding some courage. But not before admitting to initially "not being great for that particular moment" and not taking Nolan's notes like he usually would in the lead-up.

Hilariously, the director had no knowledge of the fact his leading actor was legitimately terrified whilst shooting the jump, telling his co-star at a press conference, "I didn’t know. I just thought you weren’t taking the note."


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