10 Movie Moments That Are Far Worse Than Hugh Jackman With Testicles On His Chin

Movie 43 Hugh Jackman

Yes, none of us had thought it possible, but if we trawl back through the annuls of movie history, there are in fact 10 movie moments more vomit-inducingly awful than the sight of Hugh Jackman with a pair of testicles dangling from his chin as he attempts to chat up Kate Winslet while on a date. Though most of us haven't had the misfortune of suffering through the terrible Movie 43, many of us have put ourselves through the 10 cinematic atrocities below, ones which either through their sheer will to disgust us, or through their outright offensiveness, made us feel totally sick. These 10 movie moments were conceived solely to make us feel pain, and in their most extreme cases, make us re-consider film as an "art" form altogether. They may have even caused us to question our faith in God - these 10 movie moments are in every possible meaning of the word...awful...

10. The Room - Tommy Wiseau's Bare Ass

The Room There are so many awful things about Tommy Wiseau's The Room, though to be fair, the vast majority of them result in uproarious laughter; the staggering scale of the ineptitude is just too brilliantly awful not to laugh at. One scene, however, rouses genuine pit-of-your-stomach chills, and that's when writer-director-producer-star Wiseau disrobes for sex scenes with his character's girlfriend, Lisa. If the stomach-churningly awful sight of Wiseau's flat ass post-coitus isn't enough to turn you off, then the sterile nature of the sex scenes - shot with all of the flair of a low-budget softcore porno - certainly will, complete with cheesy jazz music and soft focus. In one of these such scenes, Wiseau's character and Lisa aren't even correctly aligned for intercourse, but he has a go anyway. The result in most viewers is a mixture of confusion and eventually, revulsion at seeing the man gyrating away in the most sexlessly mechanical manner possible.

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