10 Movie Moments That Pissed Off Fanboys (That Were Actually Great)

You can't always get what you want...

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Even when a film pretty much scores on all fronts, wowing critics and entertaining audiences, there’ll always be a few – and usually the most diehard of fanboys (and fangirls) – that’ll have something negative to say. it's simply a universal truth of Hollywood.

Movies that go against accepted fandom canon, a director daring to remake a much-loved classic or a trope defying genre flick are all proven to get the fandom backs up particularly. There's an arrogance of fan ownership that seems to suggest that they call the shots, they oversee the protection of the source and fundamentally, that their opinion of how to handle a property outweighs any film-makers.

And though their years of experience and infinite wisdom no doubt make them the most qualified commentator on all things film, sometimes the moments that infuriate fandoms the most do actually serve a purpose. Sometimes they're actually, legitimately brilliant, regardless of how much they managed to piss off the fans...

10. Captain Un-America

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For those not familiar with the basic premise of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (obligatory spoilers ahead warning), S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury introduces Project Insight, a new weapons system designed to eliminate terroristic threats pre-emptively.

Our titular superhero objects to this morally and discovers that Hydra, the terrorist organisation seen in the film’s predecessor The First Avenger, intends to use the weapon to nefarious ends culminating in Natasha Romanoff leaking S.H.I.E.L.D.’s classified information to the internet to expose Hydra. A decidedly Edward Snowden-esque plot twist that triggered accusations of treason and un-Americanness towards the usually patriotic, flag-waving superhero.

But in a genre that’s all too often more about style than substance, a little dabbling in political issues however potentially unpatriotic, is an intelligent move and one that many fans of a more sceptical Captain America embraced. Going into production against a backdrop of Obama’s kill list and the Edward Snowden leaks, directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo were quite naturally inspired by contemporary politics resulting in a more thought-provoking superhero movie.

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