10 Movie Moments Where You Had No Idea What Was Going To Happen Next

9. The Secret Bunker - Parasite

Uncut Gems Adam Sandler

Last year's Best Picture Oscar winner Parasite is definitely one of those movies best seen with as little knowledge of the wider plot as possible.

The film was largely marketed as a black comedy about a poor family who manipulate their way into working for a wealthy family in various capacities, all while the wealthy family has no idea they're all related.

This hook is plenty enticing for an entire movie, but Bong Joon-ho ingeniously fields out a wildly unexpected surprise roughly half-way through the story.

Here it's revealed that the rich family's previous housekeeper, Moon-gwang (Lee Jung-eun), has been hiding her husband, Geun-sae (Park Myung-hoon), in the home's secret underground bunker for four years in order to avoid loan sharks.

It's a twist both hilarious and shocking, effectively pulling the bottom out from under the movie and leaving audiences with absolutely no idea of where things will go from here.

To say that Joon-ho lives up to the promise of his wide-open second half is quite the understatement.


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