10 Movie Moments Where You Had No Idea What Was Going To Happen Next

8. Ryan Gosling Dies - The Place Beyond The Pines

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Much like Parasite, the marketing for Derek Cianfrance's superb thriller The Place Beyond the Pines concealed its central conceit, suggesting instead that the film was focused entirely on the cat-and-mouse game between bank robber Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling) and rookie cop Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper).

But at the end of the film's first act, Cianfrance leaves audiences slack-jawed when Luke is shot and killed by Cross, the latter of whom is only introduced into the story moments earlier.

The second act of the film is devoted to Cross and the fallout of the shooting, before the third act leaps forward 15 years to follow the two men's sons (Dane DeHaan and Emory Cohen).

All of this was kept from audiences until they were watching it unfold for themselves, and while many were left baffled by Gosling's early exit given that he was the key aspect of the marketing, the rest of the movie's brilliance absolutely justified the deception.


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