10 Movie Moments Which Aren’t What They Seem

When a simple mirror isn't a mirror at all...


Filmmaking can be a tricky old business.

Sometimes what eventually looks like a fairly standard shot can take the longest amount of time to perfect and pull off convincingly. Even then, a production team's days or even months of meticulous hard work can often be overlooked, as fans tend to be more interested in a film's larger than life action set pieces or highly dramatic emotional confrontations between Oscar hungry Hollywood A-Listers.

Yet, it's within these finer details and seemingly straightforward moments that the genius of a production crew can truly be found.

What at first appears to be nothing more than a typical use of modern CGI or audio work can quickly become something else entirely once you scratch the surface.

You've been convinced by inflatable crowds, accepted a stunt double staring through a whole in a wall and winced at the sound of plastic cups being rubbed together and you didn't even know it. Which is probably the biggest compliment you could pay to the brilliant minds behind these pieces of movie magic.


You may have thought you had all the answers, but there are still some Movie Moments Which Aren't What They Seem...

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