10 Movie Myths You Probably Believed

These movie myths are sadly anything but true. But that didn't stop us believing...

Gladiator plane

When an industry is built on make believe and the suspension of disbelief, it's only natural that a tall tale or two will spring up along the way and quickly start doing the rounds, regardless of whether or not said stories come from a reputable source.

Before you know it, these myths become an accepted part of moviemaking lore, shared between actors, critics, and fans of a wide range of captivating well-known features beamed onto the big screen. But we're here to let you know that you shouldn't believe absolutely everything that you hear, especially when it pertains to the business of show.

Sure, believing in the following anecdotes does help add some mystique or a certain charm to the projects they're attached to. But all good things must come to an end, and now is the time to accept that these particular pieces of cinema history are about as real as that recurring dream about the dancing lemon you keep having.

Volatile on-set gifts, shocking real-world responses, and brassed off employees making a not-so-secret statement are just a few examples of movie myths you probably assumed were 100% legit.

10. Back To The Future II - Hoverboards Are Not Actually Real

Gladiator plane

Back when the sequel to Robert Zemeckis' wildly popular Back to the Future feature arrived on the scene in 1989, many a child were quick to jump to the conclusion that the totally rad modes of transport used in the film's iconic hoverboard scene were also totally real. So, it would only be a matter of time before these next level boards would be hitting shelves in toy stores the world over.

Yet, this rumour actually had some rather cheeky origins, as it goes. None other than Zemeckis himself kick-started this tall tale, revealing during the film's behind-the-scenes documentary that "they’ve been around for years". Zemeckis would go on to add that "parents groups have not let the toy manufacturers make them. We got our hands on some, and we put them in the movie."

It's not hard to see why those few fans who took this dead-pan joke as a straight-up fact adamantly kept the hoverboard fire burning for years in the wake of the film's release. Yet, here we are in 2021, and those ultra cool commercial hoverboards still seem like a futuristic pipe dream.


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