10 Movie Myths You Probably Believed

9. Fargo - A Woman Didn't Die Looking For The Money

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Despite being "based on a true story" you'll no doubt be shocked to hear that the Coen brothers' Fargo is anything but. However, for a time, it appeared that one poor soul sadly didn't get this memo as a Japanese woman by the name of Takako Konishi was said to have died looking for the film's money-stuffed suitcase that was buried in the Minnesota snow.

Yet, that wasn't actually the case, despite the myth that soon picked up steam in the media.

Konishi had actually flown from Tokyo to Minnesota as that was the location she once visited with an ex, and her decision to go there in the first place came on the back of the depression she was experiencing after losing her job. She then soon decided to commit suicide in a snow drift after downing two bottles of champagne.

Not even the fact she left a suicide note could keep the myth from living on, with the tale even going on to inspire a 2014 feature by the name of Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter which focuses on a Japanese girl on the hunt for that very same Fargo treasure.


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