10 Movie Outtakes That Should Have Stayed In

8. Kevin Hart Trolls The Rock - Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence The Rock Kevin Hart
Warner Bros.

It goes without saying that the reason 2016's buddy actioner Central Intelligence is any good at all is the relentlessly charming chemistry between leads Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, and understandably, a lot of the improvised on-set banter inevitably had to hit the cutting room floor.

But this alternate take of a scene that actually did make it into the final cut of the film absolutely should've been the one that director Rawson Marshall Thurber went with.

In the movie version, Calvin (Hart) is explaining to Bob (Johnson) the benefits of using an alias or stage name, telling him, "You think Mr. T and Sting were born with those names? How do you think I got the name 'Golden Jet' at high school?"

It's a fairly standard, inoffensive gag, right? Except, in the film's end credits gag reel, there's a far funnier take of the scene where Hart smashes the fourth wall to pieces.

Hart tells Johnson, "You think Mr. T and Sting and The Rock, you think those guys are real? That's a buncha dumbass nicknames by a buncha dumbass people", after which Johnson cracks up laughing.

With some editing magic to cover Johnson's laughter, this could've been a brilliant wink-wink gag, and like the Rush Hour 3 blooper, the film's inherently daft enough to get away with such a blatantly meta joke.


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