10 Movie Plot Twists That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

9. The Others

The Prestige
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Twist: Grace and her children have been dead all along.

In The Others, Nicole Kidman plays, Grace, a widow raising two children on her own just after the end of World War II. The film is set in a mansion isolated on the countryside. Both of her children suffer from a rare disorder that makes them sensitive to sunlight, so all of the curtains have to remain shut at all times.

After Grace hires three servants to help her with the household, she begins seeing signs (such as those pesky curtains being left open), leading her to believe the house is haunted, only to find out that she, her kids, and the servants are all spirits who died in the house and are in fact the ones who are haunting it. Turns out they’ve been dead a while, they just didn’t know it, and a new family (the ones she refers to as “the others”) have moved into the house.

The reveal at the end of The Others might be less obvious for someone watching it for the first time today, but when it originally came out, it was just two years after the smash hit, The Sixth Sense, and having the exact same plot twist, audiences guessed it early into the film because the visual cues were so similar to The Sixth Sense.

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