10 Movie Punishments Worse Than Death

9. Broken Down Into Jelly - X-Men

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X-Men's Senator Kelly really gets it rough in the first mutant movie. That's not to say he doesn't deserve a little something-something being an advocator against mutant rights, but the way his arc plays out is a particularly gruesome one. After publicly campaigning against mutants and speaking candidly about them being nothing more than weapons, Magneto teaches him a thing or two about the other side by sticking him into a machine and breaking down his DNA to create an engineered mutant.

Kelly turns into some slimy, stretchy man that is the epitome of everything he hates, slowly breaking down in the time afterwards until he completely dissolves into human jelly when he reaches the X-Mansion. Not only was it a personal hell for him being stuck as one of the very 'weapons' he despised, but the change to his physicality is one of the most visceral and unsettling there is in a simple comic book movie.

Being turned slowly into a gello cube is definitely far worse than just getting unceremoniously offed. And who's to say what's happened to his consciousness now he's been broken down in this way?

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