10 Movie Reboots You Didn’t Know Are Coming In 2018

Because what the world needs is another Robin Hood origins movie!

Taron Egerton As Robin Hood Revealed
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Love them or loath them, movie reboots are an integral part of modern-day Hollywood. Why come up with something fresh and original when there's a bucketload of cash to be made from rehashing ideas that have been done before?

That would be the cynical way to look at this filmmaking practise, but in all fairness, the reboot isn't always such a bad thing. Without it, the world wouldn't have the recent Planet of the Apes prequel trilogy, Christopher Nolan's Batman movies or Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond.

When a talented director takes an existing property and reimagines it in a unique way, the results can be just as refreshing as an original project, providing they do justice to the source material and treat it with respect. Too often, though, movie reboots are simply money-grabs that milk the original for all its worth while lazily retreading its story scene for scene with inferior actors in the leading roles.

True to form, the plethora of reboots slated for release in 2018 is a proverbial mixed bag. Some of them could have potential, others are shameless cash-ins, and a handful of them might even surprise you with their very existence.

10. Peter Pan

Taron Egerton As Robin Hood Revealed

Disney is determined to give all of its animated classics the live-action treatment, and yet another version of Peter Pan is high on the House of Mouse's list of priorities.

David Lowery has been tasked with updating J.M. Barrie's classic tale of the boy who never grew up for a modern audience, and with any luck he'll do a better job of that than the folks behind 2015's Pan and 2003's Peter Pan.

Lowery enjoyed critical and commercial success with Pete's Dragon and is well respected in indie circles, having earned a Grand Jury Prize nomination at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival for his original work Ain't Them Bodies Saints, so Pan is in good hands.

As things stand, only a director and a tentative 2018 release date have been announced for the return visit to Neverland, so Disney will need to get a move on if it hopes to bring it to cinemas this calendar year.

The studio is also hard at work on a live-action Mulan, also slated for 2018, and will debut Guy Ritchie's Aladdin next year.


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