10 Movie Recasts That Totally Trolled Fans

9. Fox's X-Men (Deadpool)

MCU Hulk Edward Norton Mark Ruffalo

Well, of course Deadpool was going to make it onto this list; he's Deadpool!

The Merc With A Mouth is one of Marvel's most popular characters, which is why it was so explosively exciting to see him attacking the big screen in 2016 with all the meta-humour and fourth-wall-breaking antics he was known for.

Naturally, as you can expect from DP, he spent most of the runtime messing with filmmaking conventions. He talked directly to the audience, manipulated the movie and parodied everything he could get his hands on. One major target of his mocking was Fox's X-Men, and he came straight for the jugular with their convoluted timeline.

Everyone knows that the Fox X-Men series is divided into two casts, with younger and older versions of the mutants. This is what made it so hilarious when Colossus captured Deadpool and said they were going to "talk to the Professor", to which DP responded, "McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing".

Wade Wilson was right on the money with that one. This self-referential trolling aimed at Fox left plenty of fans feeling satisfied.


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