10 Movie Remakes/Reboots We Actually Want To See

Hollywood needs to pay attention - these are the remakes of classics we REALLY want!

New Line Cinema / Marvel

With the Dumbo trailer just released, and news that Child’s Play and Hitchcock’s Rebecca are being remade, it’s all too easy to be a bit tired of what often amounts to soulless cash-grabs by Hollywood’s greediest. Sometimes it feels like our nostalgia is simply being resold to us, without ever considering the passion that went into the originals making them special.

But remakes aren’t always bad - sometimes, a remake can bring a forgotten movie back to life, or update its story for a modern audience. And sometimes, a complete remake can revive a dead franchise. Even if the film doesn’t quite hit the highs its predecessor did, it’s still just great to see more of our favourite characters.


10. Speed

20th Century Fox

It feels like Mad Max: Fury Road was a kind of watershed for action movies. Everything before it seems likes it’s building up to Fury Road, while everything after it has felt disappointing because it *isn’t* Fury Road. It showed that action movies can be both crowd-pleasers and critical darlings, and that a movie set almost entirely in and around a truck can still be epic entertainment.

So why not try making Speed again? The 1994 Keanu Reeves action film was set on a bus that would explode if it dropped below 50 mph, a genius concept that the film really made the most of. With the popularity of movies like Non-Stop and, of course, Fury Road, action movies on fast-moving transport are still bringing in audiences. There’s a load of potential with a remake that could make the film equal parts exciting and smart, and not just another cheap cash-grab.

Seriously: give it to Jordan Peele and watch him make it something amazing about race relations or Trump’s presidency or something.

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