10 Movie Reshoots That Happened For Ridiculous Reasons

Napoleon Dynamite's hands were "too gross" apparently...

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Reshoots are a necessary part of filmmaking. That doesn't stop it from being hugely inconvenient, though. To reshoot part of a movie means dragging actors back to the studio, redecorating the sets, putting other movies on hold, and spending a ton of money.

It's serious business even though sometimes the reasons for reshooting are totally silly. Would you believe that movies have actually been reshot because of horny birds making too much noise, studio executives not liking how an actor's hands looked, and because a film's ending was accidentally identical to that of another competing film about to be released!

Even the biggest blockbusters and most classic films of all time have fallen victim to such ridiculous mishaps which required part of it to be reshot...

10. Dark Phoenix Takes So Long To Edit Another Film Steal's Its Ending


Dark Phoenix was the 76th and final instalment in the X-Men film series. Based on the epic Dark Phoenix Saga from the comics, it took us deep into the character of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner).

If there is a lesson in this film, it's this: Know your competition. Specifically, make sure your film's ending isn't identical to that of other movies within the same genre. The entire ending of Dark Phoenix had to be reshot when it was discovered that it had too many similarities with the ending of Captain Marvel.

Simon Kinberg, director of Dark Phoenix, was cagey as to the precise similarities although concept art that was shared online gives some insight. Dark Phoenix’s ending would have involved Jean Grey becoming cosmically-powered and blasting off into space, exactly what Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel did.

Despite all the effort that went into reshooting the ending, critics and box office weren't very sympathetic and Dark Phoenix stands as a poor endnote to the popular film franchise. But at least it's a poor endnote with a somewhat unique ending.


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