10 Movie Scenes Actors Were Hidden In

6. Jim Carrey - Liar Liar

The Nice Guys

Much as Jim Carrey is of course the embattled star of '90s comedy classic Liar Liar, he also ends up playing a sneaky second role you almost certainly never noticed.

At the very end of the film, when Carrey's injured protagonist Fletcher is being stretchered away after crashing a mobile stairway at the airport, keep an eye on the background and you might spot somebody familiar.

Indeed, the distinctly rubber-faced fireman attending to the scene behind Maura Tierney and Cary Elwes is Carrey himself, pulling secret double duty.

More to the point, he's slyly reprising the character of Fire Marshall Bill he previously played in recurring capacity on the hit sketch show In Living Color.

Bill is on screen for perhaps 10 seconds of the scene, and because the viewer's attention is focused on Tierney and Elwes' characters in the foreground, Carrey's tomfoolery behind them isn't easily noticed unless your eyes go a-wandering.


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