10 Movie Scenes That Fans Tried To "Fix"

For better or for worse.

Star Wars A New Hope Obi Wan Vader

The debate about the ownership of art has raged for as long as art itself has existed - do creators have the final say on their work, or once it's out in the wild, is it free to be tinkered with by anyone?

Whatever side you come down on, the reality is that, thanks to the affordability of modern video editing software, practically anyone with enough time on their hands can re-shape a film to their precise whims.

The fan editing community is an intensely passionate one, with committed film fans coming together in the hope that they might "improve" apparently flawed or problematic works, even if the precise definition of improvement naturally varies wildly.

Fans have re-edited entire movies and made them massively superior, while in other cases the end result can be too drastic a departure from what the original filmmaker actually intended.

In the case of these 10 movie scenes, fans attempted to repair perceived issues, and while the final result is often a little rough, the spirit of their work frequently prevails regardless.

Given the limitations these editors were working with, the results are an impressive testament to how fundamentally editing can make or break a scene. Occasionally, though, it's an unfortunate case of "fixing" something that was never broken in the first place...

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