10 Movie Scenes That Led To Massive Lawsuits

All because of that damn tattoo.

The high-stress, high-cost, high-risk nature of filmmaking means that there are always going to be accidents on-set...and there are always going to be those litigious cockroaches scuttling out of the woodwork looking for their piece of the pie.

It's not uncommon for major Hollywood movies to receive their fair share of lawsuits, whether justified or not.

Who can forget the woman who sued the producers of the Ryan Gosling movie Drive for "mis-marketing" it as a Fast and the Furious-type action film?

But often suits are filed off the back of specific scenes which either affected the cast or crew involved, or otherwise allegedly harmed the finances or reputation of a related party.

These suits can range from the reasonable, to the questionable, to the flat-out frivolous and ridiculous, from understandable requests for compensation to blatantly outlandish attempts to fleece a production for some fast cash.

Some of the lawsuits were dismissed while others settled out of court and a few are even still ongoing, but each proves just how easily a careless working environment can lead to an exhaustive legal fight...


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