10 Movie Scenes That Led To Massive Lawsuits

10. Frat-Boy Racists Get Outed - Borat

Borat Frat

It's not terribly surprising that Sacha Baron Cohen's outrageous satirical mockumentary resulted in a number of lawsuits, with numerous "participants" alleging that they were misled about the nature of filming.

But the legal case that took the cake stemmed from the infamous sequence where Borat (Cohen) hangs out with a trio of boozed-up frat boys who end up making racist remarks.

Two of the University of South Carolina students featured, Justin Seay and Christopher Rotunda, sued the producers citing defamation, that the film had impacted their ability to secure jobs, and that they were fed alcohol while under the belief that the footage would never be shown in the U.S.

Seay and Rotunda were seeking to be cut out of the film's DVD release, though the suit was ultimately dismissed in February 2007.


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