10 Movie Scenes That Live Rent Free In Your Head

These legendary movie scenes refuse to leave your mind... and it's not hard to see why!

Se7en What's In The Box
New Line Cinema

Anyone who has ever found themselves clicking onto that blue bird-stamped or another form of social media app has likely found their minds being well and truly occupied by a visual, take, or even just a particularly undeniable individual at one point or another. In other words, these things have set up shop in your head and refused to pay you any dollar or other form of compensation for their time there.

But this occupying of your psyche "rent free" has also been known to extend onto the cinematic stage, with many profound, hilarious, or heart-breaking moments finding a way to linger on in your mind and/or burst into your day-to-day life seemingly against your own will. While the world around us may change and evolve, it's safe to say that this collection of movie scenes will always find a way to endure in the consciousness of society.

And after taking in the wise old suggestions from our WhatCulture faithful, your humble writer has selected a collection of big screen scenes that have all made a habit out of setting up shop in our noggins... whether we like it or not!

10. He Finally Said It! - Avengers: Endgame

Se7en What's In The Box
Marvel Studios

Completely changing the game when it came to the concept of the "event movie", hot on the heels of the already box office-devouring Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame provided MCU fans with three hours worth of satisfying and fist-pump-worthy beats.

And while everything from reliving some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes' greatest moments during the "Time Heist" to watching Captain America actually wield Mjolnir was incredibly cool to behold, the sight of each and every one of the epic faces who had been snapped away five years earlier all returning to back-up the Avenger leader made for a moment that exploded cinemas the world over.

Scored majestically by Alan Silvestri with his rousing Portals theme, a sequence that finally brought just about each and every MCU goodie together was epically topped off with the utterance of a phrase that had been teased for what felt like an eternity. One "Avengers... Assemble!" later, Cap was leading the charge against Thanos' army and the fight of all fights was under way.

Don't ever pretend that you're not going to go back and watch Steve Rogers' defining moment this very second!


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