10 Movie Scenes That Live Rent Free In Your Head

9. These Hobbits Bow To No One - The Return Of The King

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Long before we had sprawling cinematic universes coming out of our ears, Peter Jackson set out to achieve the unimaginable, finally giving J.R.R. Tolkein's historic The Lord of the Rings trilogy the epic cinematic treatment it undoubtedly deserved.

What followed was three consecutive masterpieces, released every year from 2001 onwards, and a ginormous tale of good triumphing over evil that centred around a Fellowship all doing their part in destroying the infamous One Ring. But for all those CGI-enhanced battles on the Pelennor Fields and massive sweeping shots of New Zealand, Jackson never shied away from who the real stars of the show were; that being the four Hobbits often at the centre of the massive story.

And in a beat that is sure to elicit tears of joy and even a knowing smile to your pals upon each and every rewatch, King Aragorn's decree Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry "bow to no one" is still arguably the series' most quotable utterance and for bloody good reason!

That and a certain wizard not letting a big Balrog get past, of course...


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