10 Movie Scenes That Took The Most Amount Of Takes Ever

9. Marilyn Monroe Asks "Where's That Bourbon?"...59 Times - Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot Marilyn Monroe
United Artists

As fantastic as Marilyn Monroe is in Some Like It Hot, her charming performance wasn't achieved without a Herculean feat of directing prowess on the part of filmmaker Billy Wilder.

Monroe, who tragically died a few short years after completing the film, was in the midst of both an addiction to pills and a significant psychological breakdown, which severely impacted her ability to remember and deliver lines.

It got bad enough that co-stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon ultimately took bets on how many takes she'd require to nail even a simple line. Monroe required 47 takes to get "It's me, Sugar" right, but that was nothing compared to her continued flubs of the line, "Where's that bourbon?"

Monroe got it right on the 59th (!) take, having previously said, "Where's that whiskey?," "Where's that bottle?," and "Where's that bonbon?"

Wilder got frustrated enough that he ultimately taped the line on a piece of paper inside the drawer where she was to search for the bourbon, and after she forgot which drawer she was supposed to look in, he taped a copy in every drawer.

It was all probably a waste of time, then, considering that Monroe ultimately speaks the line with her back to the camera, which has prompted some to suggest that Wilder may have simply given up on take 59 and dubbed it in post instead.


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