10 Movie Scenes That Took The Most Amount Of Takes Ever

8. Charlie Chaplin Eats A Shoe...63 Times - The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin
United Artists

By far one of the most memorable scenes from Charlie Chaplin's 1925 silent film classic The Gold Rush sees The Lone Prospector (Chaplin) driven so desperately hungry that he decides to eat a shoe.

Chaplin didn't go the whole method hog and eat a real shoe, though, but instead munched on a prop shoe made out of liquorice.

Except, Chaplin's notorious perfectionism led to him performing the scene a staggering 63 times before executing the desired take, after which he had to be rushed to hospital due to suffering insulin shock from consuming an ungodly amount of liquorice.

On second thought, going full Daniel Day-Lewis and just eating the real shoe might've been mildly less life-threatening.


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