10 Movie Scenes That Took The Most Amount Of Takes Ever

7. Tom Cruise Walks Through A Door...95 Times - Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise
Warner Bros.

Perhaps no filmmaker in history is as reputed for their clinical perfectionism as Stanley Kubrick, and so this won't be the only time his name will appear on this list.

For his final film Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick took his desire for dozens - if not hundreds - of takes to a level of self-parody while shooting a scene where Tom Cruise's protagonist Dr. Bill Hartford walks through a door.

Kubrick reportedly had Cruise perform the scene 95 times, all while the cast and crew were presumably left wondering how many different ways a person could possibly walk through a door.

Hilariously, it's never actually been confirmed which scene in the movie saw Cruise forced to repeat his entrance almost 100 times, truly underlining how utterly unimportant it was to waste so much time shooting it.

Though Kubrick's method often begets fantastic results, in this case it's clearly an instance of directorial indulgence taken too far.


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