10 Movie Scenes That Were Incredibly Awkward On Set

10. Wesley Snipes Wouldn't Open His Eyes While Filming The Ending - Blade: Trinity

New Line Cinema

The Scene

This sequence was ultimately only included on the film's Extended Version - perhaps because it came out so poorly - and saw a presumed-dead Blade (Wesley Snipes) laid out on a morgue slab about to be autopsied.

But of course, he wakes up, destroys everybody in the room and makes his hasty exit. The end.

The Awkwardness

Much has been written about Snipes' erratic behaviour on the movie's set, with co-star Patton Oswalt providing a comprehensive account of the actor's tendency for getting high, refusing to exit his trailer and even getting violent with writer-director David S. Goyer (who eventually hired a biker gang to act as his security).

Snipes and Goyer's relationship became so fraught that they'd eventually only communicate via Post-it notes, which Snipes would sign "From Blade", of course.

When it came to shooting the aforementioned morgue scene, Snipes refused to open his eyes when Blade was supposed to wake up, requiring the movie's VFX team to awkwardly superimpose CGI eyes over the actor's own eyelids in post-production.

The results...aren't great.

And if that's not bad enough, it's blindingly obvious that the subsequent action was all shot with a body double, given the breakneck editing and total lack of clear glimpses at Snipes' face.

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