10 Movie Scenes That Would Never Have Been Shot Today

Political correctness is one thing, but these films seemed to go out of their way to be offensive.

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As time goes on, for better or wore, social mores change. What society deems acceptable is forever changing - be it Jim Crow laws or sexual harassment at the workplace. Through policy, politics, protest and even the occasional online poll, we humans seem to live with the belief that we strive to do, and be, better. But it's a long road.

And along that road, what is acceptable is represented in the cultural touchstones of film, literature and television. George Carlin once performed a now legendary routine about the seven words you can't say on television. After ten on basic cable, you can say at least three of the on basic cable now. Throw in HBO, you're covered.

But in the age of a post #metoo, post-9/11 world, a lot of what can or will be addressed in pop culture - and how - has drastically altered, dating numerous films with scenes that could send someone to a safe space. And producers are more cautious than ever before, as are celebrities with active twitter feeds, fearing cancel-culture.

So as we continue the unending battle over the reasonable, the appropriate, the acceptable and the decent, let's take a look at some scenes that, if they were scripted today, would never have seen celluloid.


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