10 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Used CGI Trickery

8. The Dog Poo - John Wick

Die Hard With A Vengeance Before/After
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John Wick is a surprisingly affecting movie, cleverly exploiting everybody's love of cute animals by having an adorable little beagle puppy get murdered by a gang of heartless thugs. *cries*.

The movie simply wouldn't work as well as it did without that animal, but the same cannot be said about the animal's curly dollop of excrement, which, unbelievably, is 100 percent CGI.

Yes, that one shot of the dog poop resting on John Wick's well-maintained lawn isn't real, or even a fake plastic one from a toy shop. The movie's commentary track revealed that the crap cost $5000 to create in post-production, since the film crew weren't legally allowed to give the dog laxatives.

The Wick series prides itself on its use of practical effects - particularly in the amazing fight sequences - so this is surprising, and really, it just makes you wonder why this shot even had to be in the film at all.


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