10 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Realise Actors HATED Shooting

Getting steamy, hopping on a broom, and other scenes you didn't know actors hated shooting.

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It must be said that getting to show up to work and pretend to be another individual for a living, one who sometimes finds themselves being transported to far-off worlds or shooting lightning out of their hands on occasion, is definitely up there with as one of the most exciting and pleasant ways to earn some dollar.

But, as with any occupation, there are still times when clocking in for a shooting shift can be a rather demanding affair for a number of reasons. And while it can obviously be a tough task to nail various combat sequences that likely require multiple takes or conjure up certain emotions that involve a star inevitably letting their guard down, some scenes have ended being a tall order for certain thespians for much more unexpected reasons.

From being utterly repulsed by a seemingly standard action within a sequence, to having to resort to alcohol to get through a particularly awkward set of loving moments, these actors were in no rush to get these specific movie beats in the can and likely winced at the thought of the director wanting to get "one more for luck!"

10. Paul Rudd Still Cringes At His Mayo Mishap - Clueless

Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt Passengers
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While the timeless Paul Rudd would eventually find himself putting his body through the wringer to get in Ant-Man shape and going through highly-meme-able Hot Ones hell as his career unfolded, the comedy sensation would still likely take either of those scenarios over having to perform one particular beat in 1995's Clueless just one more time.

With Rudd being a self-professed condiment hater, the idea of having to garnish a sandwich with mayonnaise wasn't a fun one. But that's precisely what the much-loved actor was asked to do at one point in the coming-of-age comedy, and the results still leave Rudd cringing today.

As he told a Clueless reunion panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in 2019:

“When I go to the kitchen and I make the sandwich, I would put the mayonnaise on the bread, and not directly onto the turkey itself... A little thing about me is I hate mayonnaise and I hate condiments. And it skeeved me out.”

Upon rewatching the scene, Rudd's complete lack of mayo-applying experience is hilariously evident and it's not hard to see why the whole sequence is like "nails on a chalkboard" for the actor whenever he relives the saucy moment.

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