10 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Realise Actors HATED Shooting

9. Chris Hemsworth Wasn't In The Mood For More Topless Scenes - Thor: Ragnarok

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The sight of a central MCU protagonist whipping off their shirt to reveal a freakishly shredded torso or walking around with their pumped-up guns unashamedly exposed has become almost a given.

But the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into getting topless scene ready isn't something to be taken lightly, with Chris Hemsworth in particular putting in absurd amounts of hours in the gym and taking in protein like its going out of fashion when Thor-ing up for a project.

So, when it appeared as though he was set to get away with not having to strip off his Asgardian armour at any point in Taika Waititi's Ragnarok endeavour, the Aussie star was positively over the moon.

However, after sitting on the idea for a moment, the director eventually decided at least one topless moment was still a requirement when it came to his vision, despite Hemsworth's response of "Ugh, no we've done that. Don't make me do it again!"

And while Waititi would stress that Chris should be "proud" of his epic physique on show, it's evident this Thor was in no mood to flaunt his godly abs yet again on the big screen.

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