10 Movie Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

10. Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1989)

Honey I Shrunk The Kids When someone is driving you to your wits end it seems like a pretty pleasant invention to be able to shrink them down to ant size. Alas, this probably won€™t go down to well with the law so maybe it€™s best to practise on the dog instead. Word of note to anyone who stores dangerous devices in their attic: expect youngsters to uncover them. Despite Wayne Szalinski being an awesome dad creating inventions for a living, he did not take this word of advice and it didn€™t end too well. His latest invention, a la the shrink ray, was activated when Ron, his neighbour€™s son, crashed his baseball through the attic window. Since they are kids and kids like to investigate, Ron along with his brother and Wayne€™s children all head up to said attic and end up being hit by the shrink ray, ttransforming them all into less than an inch tall. Ok, so this is bad, but as long as Wayne learns how to reverse the experiment no one needs to know about this slight snag until he has made his millions and then he can tell this funny story around the dinner table. Sadly Wayne€™s went ahead and thrown the four kids out in the trash. Not one of the most observant inventors on this list.

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