10 Movie Secrets Everyone Knows Except You

Man of Steel was teeing up Batman v Superman all along.

Lord Farquaad

There are few joys quite like rewatching a movie and discovering a sneaky secret you never noticed before - an Easter egg, reference, or sly gag that only the most attentive and eagle-eyed of viewers would have ever been able to spot.

Sometimes the secrets are so subtle that they're only discovered by fans online years or even decades after the fact, and even though each of these secrets ultimately went viral on social media, you might've somehow still missed out on them.

After all, none of us can keep track of everything in our digitally preoccupied, mile-a-second present, and so this list will ensure that you're made well aware of some fascinating movie secrets that the cinephile community became abreast of quite a while ago.

From insane cameos to intentional "mistakes" played for laughs and even a certain eye-popping moment in a kids' film, these scenes all confirm the filmmakers' absurd attention-to-detail for better and worse.

In some cases the secret might lend depth and intrigue to a classic film, while in others it might actually leave you more than a little weirded out. One way or another, though, it's time for you to find out about them...

10. "Disney" Is Printed On Buzz Lightyear's Butt - Toy Story

Lord Farquaad

While we all know that Disney owns Buzz Lightyear's (Tim Allen) ass, you might not realise quite how literally that's true.

To catch this secret, you either needed to get lucky or spend a frankly concerning amount of time staring at Buzz Lightyear's plastic posterior, as in the original Toy Story the word "Disney" can be seen printed on his backside.

Though Disney didn't actually own Pixar until 2006, they have co-produced and distributed every single one of the studio's releases to date, going back to the very first Toy Story in 1995.

There are only a few select shots where we get a clear enough glimpse of Buzz's butt to see the text - namely when he's arguing with Woody (Tom Hanks) outside the gas station, and when he's trying to fly - but it's absolutely there.

Amusingly the text was altered to read "Disney/Pixar" from Toy Story 2 onwards, yet for some reason the text doesn't appear on actual retail versions of the Buzz Lightyear toy. Weird.

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