10 Movie Secrets Everyone Missed The First Time Around

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You mustn't be afraid to go a little deeper. Such is the imagination and craft that goes into movie story-telling these days that watching a film once almost feels like only part of the experience. Obviously, when the film is terrible, there's absolutely no incentive to go back and look again, but that can mean missing out on some pretty key details.

The greatest magic tricks - especially in film making - are the ones brave enough to show the audience a lot but in such a creative way that they won't even notice. And though Easter Egg hunting is such a huge part of the film experience now, even the most well-trained of spotters can somehow fail to see the messages right in front of them.

So, which movies hid their secrets so well that we all completely missed them the first time around?

10. The Leaky Cauldron's Secret - Harry Potter

Harry Potter Leaky Cauldron
Warner Bros.

Despite being family movies, the Harry Potter movies require multiple watches to fully appreciate the world the film-makers built around JK Rowling's books. Consciously focusing away from the main action to drink in the detail in the background - from in-jokes to foreshadowing clues - can often completely change your experience of the films.

More importantly, doing that can also answer some pretty pressing questions and offer some strange but compelling revelations (like the reveal that Gilderoy Lockhart is, in fact, bald). One such detail answers how entrances to the magical community are hidden from Muggles.

In the first movie, as Harry and Hagrid approach the Leaky Cauldron, the sign above the door changes from blacked out to showing the name of the pub when wizards approach as a security measure and it's so cleverly hidden that you barely notice it even after multiple viewings.

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