10 Movie Secrets Everyone Missed The First Time Around

9. The Fight Club Bomb Still Went Off

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There's obviously a lot going on at the end of Fight Club, not least in terms of the huge twist reveal but also in the other subtexts - like Marla potentially ALSO being imaginary - so it's not exactly unrealistic that you'd miss some of the more complex details first time out. Or tenth time, to be honest.

The big hidden detail in Fight Club completely changes the ending, which of course features Tyler Durden still getting exactly what he wanted when his bombs all go off. And while it seems that the Narrator and Marla are safe, they're also mere moments away from death too and it's all there in the film. You just have to REALLY look for it, as Cracked did.

The Narrator manages to defuse the car bomb under the building he's in and we see the timer stop at 25:10. And yet, if you jump back to the start of the movie, the shot of the bomb van shows the timer on 2:45 (if you flip the image and brighten it). Jump back to the end again and there's ANOTHER shot of the timer that shows 2:44 confirming it's still counting down, so the defusing was only temporary. We don't see it going off, but the implication is definitely that Tyler gets his own way totally.

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