10 Movie Sequels Fans Still Demand

No more teasing, the world NEEDS Dredd 2.

kill bill 3

In modern Hollywood, pretty much every film is made with an eye to spin it into a franchise. The success of cinematic universes has resulted in each and every major studio looking to create their own umbrellas of movie characters that can carry connected movies, with it being rare for executives to push for major tentpole one-offs (unless they happen to be directed by Chris Nolan).

However, just because studios release a movie with the plan to make more, that's not always how it works out. Throughout cinema's history audiences have seen amazing films that, for whatever reason, didn't get the sequel they deserved. Though some fade away and realistic expectations plummet, others are constantly talked about, with scripts apparently being readied and filmmakers jumping on board, but which always fall apart at the last minute.

Whether it was because the originals didn't make enough money or the cast were unwilling to return, there have been some beloved flicks that seemingly begged to be followed up on, but which never received the sequels they deserved.

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