10 Movie Sequels That Totally Insulted Great Characters

Rose Tico deserved so, SO much better.

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A movie sequel can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, a good sequel can give you more of what you loved from the first. Even better, a great sequel can elevate the original, expanding upon it and taking it to new heights.

However, a bad sequel can sometimes backtrack, souring the original films and making them worse in retrospect.

The sequels on this list aren't necessarily bad, but they aren't kind to some characters from the original who definitely deserved better. Many of these characters were imposing villains, lovable sidekicks, or unfairly fridged love interests who aren't done justice in the next outing.

Some of these characters get killed off unceremoniously, others act completely out of character, and some straight up disappear without a trace. These characters would be better off if the sequels were never made, leaving their legacy intact.

10. The Warriors Three - Thor: Ragnarok

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In the first two Thor films, the Warriors Three played a pivotal role in helping the titular hero save the day. The Asgardian team of Fandral the Dashing, Volstagg the Voluminous, and Hogun the Grim save Thor's life, provide comic relief, and kick some serious butt.

However, when Thor: Ragnarok came along, director Taika Waititi wanted to overhaul the franchise's supporting cast. As such, the Warriors Three fall victim to Hela early in the film. When she first arrives in Asgard, she kills Fandral and Volstagg with a wave of her hand. Hogun at least gets to spar verbally with the Goddess of Death before she impales him.

For a group called the Warriors Three, they die very un-warrior like deaths. Leaving the characters out of the film altogether would have been more dignified, and letting them die heroic deaths would have been more in character. Though Waititi saved the Thor franchise, the Warriors Three payed the price.


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