10 Movie Sequels That Were Sent Out To Die

These lazy, rushed, or controversial movie sequels never really stood a chance...

Fantastic Beasts Secrets Of Dumbledore
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Whether you love them or would rather the cinema sphere were rid of them entirely, movie sequels have become an ever-present element within modern theatres. And it's not too difficult to understand why.

After all, should an original concept, character, or new corner of an already explored world strike a chord with the paying public, why would you not try to double-down on that financial and/or critical success with a follow-up entry?

Yet, while a great many of the big screen sequels trotted out worldwide do actually come equipped with a respectable amount of craft, imagination, and care, as with anything, there are always a few disappointing exceptions lying in wait.

Either due to just not being produced to a similar standard as what came before them, some behind-the-scenes drama throwing a few spanners in the works, or a seriously weak marketing campaign, each of the following revisits to previously ingested universes never honestly stood a chance of reaching the heights many had once hoped they would.

From famous agents being given a license to disappoint, to a global pandemic ultimately setting a much-anticipated sequel up for a limp box office haul, this bunch of unfortunate continuations all paid the price in one way or another upon their release.

10. Spider-Man 3

Fantastic Beasts Secrets Of Dumbledore
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With the release of the MCU's Spider-Man celebration that was No Way Home came with it a reminder of just how adored and cherished Sam Raimi's first few Spidey adventures still are some two decades on from their initial release.

However, the symbiote-sheep of this first-ever set of live action Peter Parker pictures still takes the cake as arguably the most disappointing and frustrating Spider-flick ever unleashed onto Marvel maniacs.

Had Raimi simply been allowed to tell the story he desired, centred mostly on the three-film arc of Harry Osborn, newcomer Sandman, and a potential Ben Kingsley-portrayed Vulture, Spider-Man 3 would've likely been a conclusion of similar quality to what came before it.

Sadly, though, studio interference demanded that fan-favourite Venom be given a chance to bind with the already stacked entry and an over-stuffed, lopsided climax was ultimately gifted to those who had happily invested in the trilogy up to this point.

Raimi has since admitted the film "didn't work" due to him not really believing in all the parts he was given to play with, again highlighting how this last Tobey Maguire solo Spider-show was always destined to under-deliver.


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