10 Movie Soundtracks Better Than The Film

At least Tron Legacy SOUNDED incredible.


Movies are, by nature, a visual medium. For as great as the plot is or even the character portrayals are, the core of whether a movie is actually good or not comes down to the moving pictures that you actually see onscreen. However, music is what can sometimes separate a good movie from a great one.

Across every single genre, you can find film soundtracks that outshine the movie that they're actually a part of. From ambient score to a play-by-play of mainstream hits, every one of these soundtracks ended up becoming much bigger than the audience had ever anticipated. But if the best part of your movie is the music, does that necessarily mean that the movie is bad?

Hardly. While a filmmaker might try their best to make the magic leap off the screen, these songs just hold up as the better way to convey the story rather than the visuals they're a part of. Instead of showing you around vast landscapes or put you in the middle of action scenes, these accompanying soundtracks paint a vivid picture in your mind without having to show you anything.

Here are just a handful of instances where the background music was not only able to enhance the film, but even surpass it.

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