10 Movie Soundtracks That Are Also Great Rock Albums

9. The Devil's Rejects


Is it any shocker that the man behind White Zombie and a solid solo career put together a killer soundtrack for his second feature-length film as director? It wouldn't exactly be on point to say that the soundtrack of The Devil's Rejects surpassed the movie - it's still the best film of Zombie's career as a film maker - but it came very, very close, and the soundtrack really is at home in the film.

The standout, of course, is Lynard Skynard's Free Bird, utilized superbly in the film's climax, but you've also got tracks from The Allman Brothers (Midnight Rider), Three Dog Night (Shambala), and a number of tracks featuring Joe Walsh and Terry Reid.

Basically, it's a testament to the 70s, and while Free Bird might draw you to the soundtrack, it's the other tunes that will force you to stick around and take it all in.


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