10 Movie Stunts That Went COMPLETELY Wrong

From scarring to silly, the stunts which went worse than their performers ever imagined...

Newmarket Films

As long as there has been movies, there have been stunts.

Cinema is designed as a medium to showcase spectacle, and there are few subjects as visually enthralling as seeing someone pull off truly jaw-dropping stunts. Stunt performers routinely risk life and limb for the sake of an impressive sequence, and their work is central to making entertaining and engaging blockbusters even in the age of CGI touch ups.

But as long as there have been stunts, there have also been stunts which went wrong.

Disastrously, dangerously wrong.

Whether it's an over-ambitious production, an error in planning, or simply a missed cue, there are countless reasons that a stunt might not work out. The real problem arises when the failed stunt puts the life of its performer at risk, whether they are a professional or an actor who thought they didn't need a stand in for the scene.

And that's what list is here to highlight, running down the big screen stunts which went awry whether they made it into the film or left their performers lucky to escape with their lives.


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