10 Movie Stunts That Went COMPLETELY Wrong

10. Romancing The Stone - Waterfall Mayhem 

20th Century Fox

1984's Romancing the Stone is a superb fusion of light hearted rom com and Indiana Jones style adventure, a breezy fun romp which the later likes of 2008's Fool's Gold proved isn't as easy to pull off as it seems.

It's down to the charming chemistry between stars Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas as well as some truly stunning stunts from long before CGI replaced the life-and-limb-risking art of actual stuntwork.

Case in point, the almost fatal filming of the movie's unforgettable waterfall sequence.

In the film, Turner and Douglas are leaping out of a truck as it careens over the edge of a waterfall. A veteran stuntman almost lost his life during the insanely risky sequence, which saw him and a colleague leap from the truck to theoretical safety as the vehicle plunged off the edge of an actual waterfall.

Of course, the stuntman's board which was intended to fling him to safety malfunctioned, throwing him into the very real whirlpool below.

Meanwhile, his colleague was stunned upon hitting the water, leaving him floating toward the edge too. Luckily the former was able to beat the strong currents and swim to safety whilst the latter was caught before he reached the waterfall's edge.


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