10 Movie Therapists That Would Damage You Worse Than Before

9. Dr. Finch in Running with Scissors

Running with Scissors is based on the memoir by Augusten Burroughs and it details his rather turbulent life starting in the 1970€™s where Augusten (played by Joseph Cross) lives with an alcoholic father and a bi-polar mother. His mother Deidre sees a psychiatrist called Dr. Finch who has a very dysfunctional family of his own. Dr. Finch is married but enjoys extramarital relationships with various other women. However, Deidre believes he€™s not only equipped to be her doctor he could also totally by the father of her son because she can€™t deal with the emotional stress anymore. Like a true professional Dr. Finch says yes and adopts the unwanted Augusten. As a therapist Dr. Finch is unconventional to say the least, his patients walk out of his sessions feeling worse. He prescribes unmarked medicines and encourages destructive behaviour. The highlight of his malpractice occurs when he suggests that Augusten should commit suicide with alcohol and valium in order to get out of school. When Augusten doesn€™t quite match his enthusiasm Dr. Finch says: €œWhere is your spirit of adventure?€
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