10 Movie Titles With Ridiculous German Translations

10. National Lampoon's Animal House

Universal Pictures

German Title: Ich Glaub' Mich Tritt Ein Pferd

English Translation: I Believe A Horse Is Kicking Me

On one level this bizarre adventure comedy is barely known in Germany, while on another, it has since attained cult status in the US. Not only did it establish food battles as an art form but also it introduced the legendary John Belushi into Hollywood as Bluto Blutarsky - a drunken, seventh year college student and member of the wildest fraternity on campus whose activities revolve around alcohol, parties, women and pranks.

The English title does a fairly good job of foreshadowing the debauchery viewers should expect when they choose to see a film titled Animal House but then again we wouldn't appreciate the German language if it wasn't contingent on its vivid expressions particularly in all things horseplay.

And so in an episode of when-film-executives-trying-to-pander-toward- teen goes terribly wrong, just imagine a group of middle aged men sitting in a meeting room as they ponder on how best to sell a comedy movie to a younger audience and then suddenly in a light bulb moment someone goes "How about we use a slang that the kids use nowadays as our title?"

Apparently, YOLO didn't make the cut, hence we are forced to settle with one of the most unrelated titles in cinema history.

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