10 Movie Villains Killed By Their Own Weapons

9. Omnidroid - The Incredibles (2004)

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Okay, technically this villain was never alive, but it still posed a citywide threat that could easily have got out of hand. That is, if the hand in question hadn't been used to bring it down.

The Omnidroid 9000 was created by the supervillain Syndrome to be the ultimate opponent for his hated former idol, Mr. Incredible. He pitted other superheroes against it, and all of them were killed in his efforts to perfect his design. Mr. Incredible fought the lethal machine on Nomanisan Island and was able to trick it into destroying itself.

Afterwards, Syndrome creates an improved model, heavily armed and the size of a small building. He unleashes it on Metroville, where it takes the entire Incredible family (plus Frozone) to draw its attention. They give it the runaround, for sure, but are barely able to leave a scratch on it.

The tables turn, however, when the family find Syndrome's remote control for the robot. While fumbling around with the buttons, they manage to detach one of the Omnidroid's arms, and, recalling his battle with the previous version, Mr. Incredible realises that the only thing capable of destroying it is itself.

He then launches the rocket-powered arm straight at the robot's mid-section, which shears right through to its core and sends the inactive shell toppling into the river.

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