10 Movie Villains Secretly Introduced Way Earlier Than You Realise

9. Keyser Soze Was Revealed Instantly - The Usual Suspects

Spider Man Far From Home
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The Usual Suspects is one of the very best pictures of the '90s, with this tense, taut thriller keeping audiences on the edge of their seats throughout its 106-minute run time.

Told in flashback fashion, this 1995 movie centres on a group of five criminals working for the mysterious Keyser Soze. As revealed early on, only one of these criminals - Kevin Spacey's feeble Verbal Kint - survived a bloody massacre that left his colleagues and a whole bunch of others dead at the behest of Keyser.

Brimming with plentiful twists, turns and clever misdirection, the big question looming large over The Usual Suspects is just who exactly is Keyser Soze.

Of course, in brilliant fashion, the final few minutes of the film see it revealed that Verbal has actually been fooling everybody all along, and he is the mastermind behind all of what we've seen play out. But that huge shocker was actually there for all to see from the moment Kint is first introduced. Well, if you speak Turkish, that is.

The name Keyser Soze was inspired by the Turkish words "söze boğmak", which, when translated, into English reads "drown in words" - as in talks too much or to be too verbal.

So rather than waiting for the end of the movie to find out who the villain of The Usual Suspects is, those fluent in Turkish realised who the 'big bad' was as soon as Verbal Kint is introduced during the film's opening minutes.


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