10 Movie Villains Who Foreshadow Their Biggest Fears

These cinematic baddies knew what they didn't like... but that still couldn't save them.

The Dark Knight Two-Face Harvey Dent
Warner Bros.

Despite often coming equipped with universe-massacring Infinity Gauntlets, the power to choke folks to death with a flick of their hand, or just plain ol' bad attitudes, most big screen villains still find themselves dealing with some very much relatable and even human difficulties from time to time; most notably the idea of living in fear of a certain thing or scenario coming to pass.

And in the case of the following collection of nefarious film faces, each and every one of them weren't exactly shy about letting it be known precisely what they were most worried about pretty early on in the motion picture day. However, said revelations did little to prevent them from coming face to face with a being or situation that struck true terror into their soul before the end credits eventually began to roll.

From not being a fan of a certain colour of sweet hinting at an iconic supervillain's fear, to a certain warning to others coming back to bite an antagonist on the ass later down the road, these big screen baddies knew what they didn't like but still couldn't save themselves from said horrifying fate all the same.

10. Ransom Thought He Was The Only One To Win Against Harlan - Knives Out

The Dark Knight Two-Face Harvey Dent

Providing cinema with one its most smarmy and unpredictable forces of evil in modern times, Chris Evans' unexpectedly slimy turn as Hugh "Ransom" Drysdale in Rian Johnson's brilliantly twisty whodunnit by the name of Knives Out comes equipped with a declaration much more significant that it initially seems.

With Ransom's grandfather, Harlan, being seemingly killed early on, it soon becomes clear that the pair shared a particularly close, though often complicated, bond, with the two regularly playing the board game Go together and the former apparently being the only person to beat his grandpaps. So, when Ransom ultimately discovers that Harlan's faithful nurse Marta actually beat Harlan more than Ransom did at the game, his statement of "I thought I was the only one who could beat him at Go," hints at him not actually being as smart as he thought he was all along.

In the end, Marta is actually able to outwit the hot-headed Ransom into confessing his murdering of Harlan in front of Benoit Blanc, hammering home a fear Ransom had no doubt harboured from the second he realised Marta was better at Go than he was; perhaps he wasn't actually the smartest person in the room.


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